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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Quilt Shot 133~ Laura's "Good Girl" Quilt

Our friend Laura had to move out of state.
So my friends Donna, Sheryl and Melissa and I got together and made blocks 
to make Laura a quilt.
The blocks were the "Wonky Log Cabin." 
Turns out 2 of the group enjoy this impromtu no measuring technique, 
and 2 wanted specific measurements.
I was fortunate to piece the blocks together to make the top
 and add the borders.

Then I passed the top onto Sheryl and her daughter, Melissa
who quilted it on the long arm.
Sheryl came up with the name for the quilt.

The backing was actually from the stash of fabrics Laura had given to me.
The border was from Sheryl and Melissa's Stash and they hand binded the quilt.
Yours truly made the label.
Sheryl had several leftover piano keys already made for me to put together for the second border..
We do pat ourselves on the back for being a great team that can suddenly put a quilt together.
This quilt went together in about 2 weeks.
We'll miss having Laura around here.
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  1. What a sweet gift for your friend! I'm sure she will cherish it always.

  2. How lovely of you and your friends to stitch this beautiful quilt for your friend, Laura. She is going to treasure this gift which is wrapped up in friendship, love and forever memories.

  3. I'm sure that quilt will be much treasured by your friend. Something made by friends with love is worth more than words can say.

  4. What a sweet and scrappilicious gift. I'm certain Laura will cherish it.


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