Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday 174~ Making Wedding Veil Memories


One of my Grand Daughter's wedding is in a couple of weeks.
I have the pleasure and honor of hand stitching the beaded embroidery pieces onto her wedding veil.
So she's helping me create memories of her special moment in life.

She brought me the embroidered pieces on netting that I had to trim away.
That took about 4 days.

Now I'm hand stitching via the back side.
I'm using my white machine embroidery thread.
 The long stitches you see are transition stitches the embroider used.
I made mine smaller. Actually so hard to see that when I had to remove some to reposition,
it was hard to find the stitches.
Takes just over an hour for each piece.
I haven't counted but I'm thinking there are about 20 pieces.

I am doing this project on the couch,
but I can't really watch a detailed TV program.
It has to be one I can listen to.
Yesterday, I found an audio book on You Tube......... Piorot!

Using my narrow cutting mat to lay on my lap so I can see it better
and keep the netting flat.

I seem to use clips for everything other than the intended purpose.

I'm so enjoying the thoughts going through my mind during this rainy week.
Love you M.
Thinks for my Thoughtful Thursday.


  1. I know the finished product will be beautiful, just like the bride.

  2. Oh my - what a wonderful project! A family heirloom for sure. I do hope you'll be allowed to share pictures of the bride wearing it!


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